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    "Birds Of Prey"

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    Redwood burl and driftwood abstract sculpture with multi faceted geometric forms protruding upward and down from a central organic formation. The angular designs simulate heads of eagles or other birds of prey which gaze up while a lower head is diving. Visually intriguing, the sculpture embodies sharp contrasts between the smooth angular designs combined with erratic organic burly masses. As the viewer circles this sculpture, each angle reveals a newer vision. This abstract sculpture has been composed with individual redwood burls which have been carved with chain saws, shaped with grinders and hand crafted to further enhance the forms. Each sculpture is totally unique and cannot be duplicated. All of the natural redwood used to create these sculptures has been salvaged from fallen trees which have been victimized from winter storms, landslides or forest fires, therefor no living trees have been utilized. All sculptures are signed and numbered by Daryl Stokes and include color brochure with an artist certificate of authenticity. Shipping Costs Will Be Determined by Sculpture Sizes and Destinations. Ground Delivery Available Only. Previously Sold-Picture For Reference Only. Dimensions: Redwood Abstract Sculpture Approx. 63"H x 27"W x 33"D